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"Local Somerville resident Alan Bingham has just published a guide book on how to manage life when faced with terminal disease. Titled “Dying Well Prepared:Conversations and Choices for Terminal Patients”, the book is published by Outskirts Press and available on Amazon as paperback or e-book.
Unlike other publications on end-of-life that follow a person’s decline, this book is a guide based on broad experience of the author in his work in hospice. “There are many useful personal end-of-life care voyages written, and many specific helpful guides that can help with some aspects of the end of life journey. But none that pulled together in one place the range of issues that most people had talked to me about”, said Alan Bingham.
The issues covered in the book include choices on the options on where to live, how to organize your home and affairs, making advance directives, selecting lawyers and medical help as well as advice on pain and pain management. The conversations include how to talk with friends and families, lawyers, caregivers, and medical professionals and include suggested dialog on the language you can use for introducing and discussing each of these topics. It delves into how to define and document your legacy (ethical wills) and discusses ethics and morals in end-of-life healthcare.
Checklists are provided with tips on how to use them. The book can be read from cover to cover, or just referenced by section according to need.
Alan Bingham added, “When I retired from hospice I wanted to share the information I had gleaned over the years so that people faced with the news of imminent end of life had something that could be of help. I spoke with so many people who did not know what to do next that I knew I had to do something to help. The topic of dying is something seldom discussed, almost a taboo, so few people know how to handle it or where to look for help and advice. I hope this book will provide some insight and assistance.”

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Best of luck with the book its fantastic  congratulations!

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Somerville Resident Publishes Book: Dying Well Prepared
November 28, 2016