Alan Bingham is a retired hospice and palliative care executive who has spent many hours with terminal patients and their families. He worked for several hospice providers in admissions and marketing, spending time with patients and their families discussing their issues and how to resolve them. In writing this book, he wanted to give a broad overview of issues and remedies that patients and their families face that they could understand and utilize.  

Alan currently volunteers as an ombudsman with Elder Services, visiting nursing homes advocating for residents in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was recently honored with the James "Cotton" Tingle award from Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services in 2016 for work as an ombudsman in nursing homes. 

A management graduate with a liberal arts background in philosophy, he spent most of his career in healthcare informatics, working on HIPAA (starting with its genesis in the Kennedy Kassebaum Bill), developing medical records systems, becoming a HIPAA compliance officer.

An Australian, he now lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, with his wife and two cats.