Helps you shape your thoughts about the choices you will make about how you want to live the rest of your life, to take away the burden and strain of last-minute decisions, through lists and checklists. 

This is a book for everyone. Even though the title specifies those with terminal disease, we are all mortal. At any time, any of us could have a serious accident, heart attack, stroke, and lose our ability to discuss these matters.  

So we should each think through our choices, make our wishes known, document them and, in short, be well-prepared. 



Who should buy this book?

Ensures the last chapter in your life,  or the life of someone you love, is lived according to your wishes. How to get the quality of life you want.

End-of-life is something no one wants to talk about, so we don't. And for this reason, when faced with the reality, we are unaccustomed and unprepared to think or talk about the issues.

Most people don't want to leave things unfinished for their survivors. Most people want to have a natural, peaceful death, at home with family, yet most die in hospitals. Most people's wishes for their end-of-life care are not known and not documented so the care they receive may not be what they would have wanted. This is why we should all be prepared. Read More

Why this is important?

I am often asked "when should I buy this book because everyone I know, including me are healthy and well?"

The answer is that the book is a guide for when an unexpected health event occurs as much as when terminal disease is diagnosed. The unexpected health event may be a disease, or an injury, and either can be life limiting. 

The book's title is daunting to most, because even though we know we are mortal, we expect to live our full life out well into very old age. But the title is explicit, being well prepared is critical to ensure you live your life to the full extent of the runway you have available, no matter how long that may be.


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Alan Bingham is an ombudsman with Elder Services, visiting nursing homes advocating for residents in Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

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Helps you find the words to successfully talk about your health issues and your needs with family, friends, and professionals, including suggested language.