I am often asked "when should I buy this book because everyone I know, including me are healthy and well?"

The answer is that the book is a guide for when an unexpected health event occurs as much as when terminal disease is diagnosed. The unexpected health event may be a disease, or an injury, and either can be life limiting. 

The book's title is daunting to most, because even though we know we are mortal, we expect to live our full life out well into very old age. But the title is explicit, being well prepared is critical to ensure you live your life to the full extent of the runway you have available, no matter how long that may be.


Alan Bingham is an ombudsman with Elder Services, visiting nursing homes advocating for residents in Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Ensures the last chapter in your life,  or the life of someone you love, is lived according to your wishes. How to get the quality of life you want.

Are you ready for the family discussions?

Here’s a way to trigger the discussion.

Send a copy of this book to those you want to talk with about your own end-of-life issues during a seasonal get together. Its a good time because everyone is relaxed and receptive.

Making sure that you get the most from life, and how to plan is something we seldom talk about. This is a guide for what you and your family need to know before you need to know it. It will help you enter into the family discussions, and clear away questions and help to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Includes: Checklists. Suggested language for discussions Advance directives information Legal and financial help Caregivers, Where to live Getting the most from precious time Having your wishes followed.

Available from Amazon as paperback or Kindle.

This book

Helps you find the words to successfully talk about your health issues and your needs with family, friends, and professionals, including suggested language. 


Holidays are coming - The family get together time is ideal for discussing end-of-life issues

The author

Helps you shape your thoughts about the choices you will make about how you want to live the rest of your life, to take away the burden and strain of last-minute decisions, through lists and checklists. 

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